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*Level 5 Anti-Vibration Professional Push Up Sports Bra Top 5XL

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Lifts, supports and breathable perfectly!

Our Level 5 Anti-Vibration Professional Push Up Sports Bra is the most comfortable bra you'll ever wear. No wire, soft and supportive, it's stretchy and allows for full movement while wearing it. 


New thermal design keeps you cool all the time!

Insufficient chest support may contribute to pain and discomfortstretched skin and ligaments, which may lead to droopy, saggy breasts

Anti-vibration Sports Bra instantly lifts and provides ultimate breast support against sagging while keeping an upright posture with anything you put on.

The band-like compression-style sports bras hold the breasts tightly & comfortably to your chest and are well-suited for plus-sized women. The new adjustable design allows this sports bra to suit every different person better!


  • Instantly lifts & supports breasts
  • Maintains a straight posture against rounded back/shoulders
  • Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging
  • Smooths out bra bulges & bra lines
  • Bra-free, wireless, ultra-comfortable wearing
  • Air permeable fabric & hollow design 
  • Reduces sweating & boob rashes


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