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Breathable Romantic Lace Plunge Deep Full Busted Wireless Bras

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Insufficient chest support may contribute to painand discomfortstretched skin and ligaments, which may lead to droopy, saggy breasts. 

 This bra instantly lifts and provides ultimate breast support against sagging while keeping an upright posture & seamless look with anything you put on.

 It will hold the breasts tightly & comfortably to your chest.

smooth and flat back, with no traces.


  • Instantly lifts & supports breasts
  • Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging
  • Cozy Lifting up - Extra wide comfort straps, ribbed bottom
  • Bra-free, wireless, ultra-comfortable wearing
  • Air permeable fabric & hollow design 
  • Reduces sweating & boob rashes

Material: Cotton, Spandex, Lace 
Lining material: Cotton 
Bra style: Bra, Non-attached bras, Bras 
Type of bracket: Wireless 
Cup style: Full cup 
Pattern: Cord 
Type of strap: Unadjusted straps, Non-convertible straps 
Type closing: 
Overhead expenses Built-in bust: 0.1CM padding 
Color: Black, White, Red, Gray, Nude Cup 
size: A, B, C 
Band size: 32 / 70.34 / 75.36 / 80

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