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*Beautiful Back Lace Bra For All Women

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Lace Beauty Back Design


Tired of breast discomfort from gravity pulling your chest every which way? 

Sagging-defying Seamless Sleep Bra offers the utmost support for bigger busts with zero wires or a banded frame – no pinching at all!

The innovative gravity-defying seamless design comfortably supports your breasts at any sleeping position.

Wide straps, full coverage cups, plus a stretchy elastic band that offers non-binding support. 

Stop shoulder pain, slippage & boob wrinkles/rashes for sleeping, sports & everyday wear.


  • Seamless cut for maximum comfort & centering support
  • Anti-saggy & east-west breasts
  • Reduces side breast fat by centralizing & full coverage
  • No more skin marks & boob slippage
  • Bra-free sensation & ultra-comfortable wearing

Stretchy & Air permeable fabric & Lace design

One-piece removable pad against dislocating pads

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